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We provide the latest range of high performing alarm monitoring and state of the art security systems for both the retail and business sectors in South Florida. Incorporating end-to-end Alarm monitoring is an effective way to integrate your CCTV monitoring and alarm fire systems. We have an established industry reputation for providing high quality security solutions and customer service that sets the industry standard.

Our Security Monitoring systems cater for every property from residential properties and small businesses retail and high-end commercial buildings. Most of our security alarm monitoring products feature digital IP and wireless GPRS monitoring and automation technologies with options enabling you to have full remote connectivity and control of your premises security and alarm monitoring systems and can provide a complete audit trail and remote management at your fingertips.

Security Monitoring Services

Our Security Monitoring Services

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Benefits of the Alarm Monitoring in Your Buildings and Organization

  • Reduce vandalism with immediate response including a visible deterrent such as signs to warn potential vandals off.
  • Significantly cut employee unauthorised entry to the work place with the knowledge of being recorded
  • Reduce the probability Break and Entry due to the element of alarm response that goes hand in hand with Alarm Monitoring.
  • Provide your organization the evidence it needs for any important litigation
  • Remote Access of the building or workplace security system by authorised staff for auditing of monitoring service.

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